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Cristina Espiritu

Managing Director

Cristina has over 15 years experience in business valuation and strategy. She is an entpreneur who has started companies in diverse industries such as health and wellness, cannabis, and retail. She is also a mediator and currently mediates cases at the Orange County Superior Court.

Tam Nguyen


Tam is the founder of Alva Manufacturing, which is proud to be a premier manufacturing partner for many critical Space missions that support our journey to Mars. His company specializes in high-precision machined components and sub-assemblies for various Space & Defense programs.

Andrew Needles


Andrew has over 20 years of electronic design experience, currently specializing in alternative energies. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who has started and ran several business over the years and is currently focused on helping others start or build their own business.

How Can

We Help You?

Create A Spark

Business Valuation: You can’t get to your destination without knowing where you’re starting out. That is why it’s important to develop a game plan for your business that starts with knowing how much it is worth. For over fifteen years, our advisors have worked with businesses in different stages, from start up to publicly-traded companies, in determining an appropriate business valuation for their company. Our reports have been used for compliance, tax, fundraising, investor communications, business development and internal management purposes.

Ignite The Flame

Business Strategy and Business Planning: You have the vision, we’ll provide the roadmap. We are here to help you identify and resolve any key business issues or operational concerns for purposes such as maximizing/improving company value or assist in investor meetings or negotiations. We have partnered with selected experts and firms that provide sales & marketing, communications, HR, technology, finance, business development, research, among others to help you achieve your business goals.

Fuel The Fire

Exit Planning: We look at each business with the end goal in mind. We work with you and your advisors to determine the key value drivers in your business and how to improve them for maximum value. Do you need a succession plan so you can pass your business to you children? Or do you plan on selling your business in 3 to 5 years to retire? Our advisors will help you identify the best course of action, keeping your best interests in front and center. We are affiliated with a network of business brokers and M&A advisory firms to assist you in your exit planning needs.



No matter what stage of business you’re in, one of us has been there. Our network of professionals are entrepreneurs with real-life experience to partner with you throughout the life cycle of your business. Whether you’re just starting out and need to flush out an idea or develop a product, or you’re ready to sell your company, we have the right advisor to guide you in your journey.